Direct around the hotel you find a lot of possibilities.

Åsvikelandets nature-reserve is only 2 kilometres away. Here you can make really long walks (also till Torrö) .

Enjoy nature.



You can take your own bike with you or rent one of ours.

The roads are not totally flat so it is a little bit more difficult than in Germany and Holland.



You can take your own with you or you can borrow a stabil family kayak 3 hours for free. 

It is beautiful on the water. This place in Sweden is known for its beautiful archipelago with its hundreds of rock-islands,

where you may go on and swim and sunbathe.



In Loftahammar you find a fine golf course. This is within only 20 minutes drive away.



If there is enough participation there will be boat-excursions.



Astrid Lindgrens World in Vimmerby (Pippi,Emil a.s.o.). This is nice for young children and there is also a museum.

Kolmården Zoo and Aquarium. On a beautiful location with lots to see and eat. You may not miss the delphin-show.




There is one thing we can not offer you in Skeppsgården and that are shops. When you need something you can ask us or  you can buy food

in a little campingshop (during the summervacation) only a few kilometres away.

Do you want a supermarket you find one in Edsbruk only 13 kilometres away. In your room you find a little refrigerator.

Västervik and Norrköping are worth a visit.

A combination from a few days in our hotel and a few days in Stockholm is very nice. Than you see Sweden from both sides.



Skeppsgården is also something for astronomer and people who has this as a hobby (not in June than the days are too long to see stars).

When the sky is clear  there are  incredible lots of stars.


When you are interested in plants, flowers, birds, butterflies a.s.o. see the variety.


In the big garden you can sport or just relax and sunbathe. There is also a grill.

There is a room where you can play table-tennis a.s.o..


There are of course more things to see an do just ask.